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Environmental Policy

The fragile nature of the landscape surrounding us is something we are all very aware of. Haus Hepi enjoys a wonderful setting, within a World Heritage site, and it is our aim to operate the guesthouse in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. The local government is committed to maintaining all 76 lakes in the region at drink quality water.

We have installed a wood pellets burning central heating system combined with solar panels, which is used to provide all our heating and hot water requirements. This reduces the use of fossil fuels, it uses a renewable energy source and is carbon neutral in operation.
Our electricity is produced by the use of water power thus further reducing our use of fossil fuels.

All bedding and linen is laundered in-house thus eliminating the need for it to be transported by road. Towels are changed once during a week long stay, unless otherwise requested, reducing the use of energy, water and detergents.

Wherever possible we purchase produce from the local region, reducing the distance it has to travel.

We are committed to recycling all waste.
Paper, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, wood, used cooking oil, electrical equipment, fabrics, batteries and light bulbs are taken to the village recycling centre.
Kitchen waste, that can be, is composted.

We consider ourselves to be good ambassadors for responsible travel.